It’s Time To Wake Your Canonsburg-PA landscaping Up!

All though the time between December and March wasn’t as bad as some years in western Pennsylvania, your lawn and gardens have been sleeping for the last few months. Spring’s arriving and it’s time to wake your Canonsburg-PA landscaping up!

With spring steadily approaching, it’s time to bring your Canonsburg-PA landscaping back to life! In addition, it’s time to start thinking about landscape construction Canonsburg-PA. You should consider these steps to help your Canonsburg-PA lawn and Landscaping come back to its beautiful self!

1. Identify Spring & Summer Pest That Invade Your Canonsburg-PA Landscaping

One of the best parts of spring is that your flowers are getting ready to blow. Therefore, the pest that feed on the are getting ready to show their ugly faces once again this year. Thinking about what you’ll need to prevent them from doing damage, or planting things that ward off pests and/or attract beneficial birds and insects.

2. Planning Ahead For Your Canonsburg-PA Landscaping

Start by Planning for growth when you plant. Think about how much they might grow in six months or even six years. You don’t want to plant a shrub that seems small and manageable only to have it block your view or destroy your sidewalk in a few years.

3. Timing When You plant and where you plant it

Importantly, before you start planting new flowers, make sure it’s in the right location. IN addition, anyone that does Canonsburg-PA landscaping will tell you, planting a yard full of plants that only thrive in Arizona is just going to cost you money! Remember that not all plants require that same amount of sun and shade. Finally, talking to your Canonsburg-PA landscaping or lawn expert about what plants will do better in spring. Many plants will do amazing for a long time.

4. Preventative Maintenance On Your Canonsburg-PA Landscaping Tools

Most of us had busy schedules during the wintertime and didn’t have a chance to clean or tools from last year. It’s important to take a few minutes to clean all your Canonsburg-PA landscaping tools before deciding to use them. Also, this will help prevent any type of contamination possibilities, don’t forget to sharpen your lawnmower blades either!

5. Lawn Aeration Canonsburg-PA

The first weeks of spring are a good time to have you Canonsburg-PA Landscaping company aerate your lawn.  Ski’s Landscaping had a spring saving sale where they come do your front and backyard for $64.99 up to a 1/2acre. It’s going to be impossible to find any other company that will beat this price. They are the best Canonsburg-PA landscapers.

6. Trim your trees

Winter can be tough on the trees in your Canonsburg-PA landscaping. Also, Dead branches need to come down, but it might not be apparent which branches are healthy and which ones are at the end of their lives. In addition, consider hiring a tree trimmer or Canonsburg-PA to look at your trees and give them a pruning. Professional pruning should be done every three years. Finally, if you’ve got too much on your plate to tackle all this spring landscape construction, Canonsburg-PA’s. Ski’s Landscaping is ready to help you.

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