Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration Canonsburg

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Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration Canonsburg

Fall is a great time of year for Canonsburg lawn care, that’s for sure. After a stressful summer, all that cool weather translates to optimal growing conditions for your lawn. Addressing any damage done in summer, preparing for a cold winter, and setting yourself up for a fruitful spring are all tasks that can be tackled in fall. Aerating your lawn and adding new seed are two such jobs that should be done annually in fall. Scheduling Fall Lawn Aeration Canonsburg will help you wrap up the growing season in good shape, and put your lawn in a good position come spring.

What is Canonsburg Lawn Aeration?

Understanding exactly what lawn aeration is essential before we start discussing it. Lawn aeration in Canonsburg is a naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and surrounding atmosphere. In the lawn care business when we refer to aeration or core aeration, we are talking about the process of mechanically removing plugs from the lawn that are a buildup of thatch and soil.

How Aeration and Overseeding is Done

Aeration needs to be done when the soil is moist. Then, an aerating machine is used to go over the entire yard, pulling small plugs from the Canonsburg lawn. The plugs are left on the lawn to break down so the nutrients go back into the grass. Once they are dry, they can be broken down faster by going over them with a lawnmower. After the aeration is done, the overseeding can be done. This is done by spreading grass seeds uniformly over the entire yard. Extra grass seeds can be spread in areas that are thin or damaged. The grass should be watered regularly after this is done to ensure the seeds can grow.

Fall Lawn Aeration Canonsburg Benefits

Your lawn benefits significantly from Canonsburg lawn aeration and helps to reduce the maintenance your lawn requires. Whether you’re aerating in the spring or the fall, both will be hugely beneficial to your lawn. In addition, a few of the major benefits of aeration are stronger grassroots, reduced puddling or water runoff, and an improved air exchange between the soil. There are also long-term benefits that come from aeration, such as your lawn becoming less susceptible to disease and thatch build up.

Aeration helps the roots get everything they need to grow, which helps create healthy grass before the weather gets cold. This helps ensure the grass will make it through the winter so the lawn looks fantastic in the spring. Overseeding allows you to fill in damaged or bare areas and help make the grass thicker before the weather gets cold and the grass stops growing. Fall provides the ideal growing conditions for the grass, so when seeds are added during the fall, they have the best chance of growing to create a healthy, green spring lawn. Combining aeration and overseeding with fertilizing the yard can help ensure your lawn looks amazing when spring arrives and the weather starts to get warm again. Contact Ski’s Landscaping today for a free no-obligation consultation.