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A french drain, when installed properly will collect water from your home’s yard and expel it further away. French drains can be used at wet points in your yard to collect water and direct it away from your homes foundation. Inside, these systems direct the water to your sump pump. Outside, they will direct it completely away from your property. French drains are buried and depend on gravity to help them direct water away from your home. To avoid clogging, it is necessary to install these drains with a downward slope of at least Ľ inch per foot. Our experts at Ski's Landscaping have been perfectly installing french drains and are happy to help! Contact Canonsburg-PA's Best Landscaping Company Today!

Proven Installation Process


Canonsburg-PA Yard Drainage

If you experience water pooling in your yard, or you have a flooded basement, the first thing that we will want to check is if your drainage and grading is completed properly. Many homes in the Canonsburg, McMurray, Venetia, and Bethel Park, and areas have insufficient drainage set up. Downspouts with poor drainage allow water to run towards the foundation, with water running towards the foundation it can cause serious interior problems with your home. Ski's Landscaping can help you with yard drainage and yard grading at a reasonable price. It will also help water to be routed away from your foundation (and your basement or crawlspace) during heavy rains.

Gutter Drainage Canonsburg-PA

A proper drainage system really begins with your gutters. The gutters direct all the rainwater that falls on your home away from your foundation. Make sure that your gutters are in good condition, that they are not clogged, and that they flow away from your property at their downspout points. We can offer downspout extensions to make sure that the water they collect from your home drains far away into your yard.


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