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Good drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Too much water in landscaped areas during wet weather Canonsburg landscape drainage can result in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants. Overly wet turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment. In addition, drainage around buildings is important to prevent leaks and moisture intrusion into building foundations and walls.


Surface drainage systems aim to collect excess surface water from hardscaping, planter beds, window wells, and specific turf areas where water tends to collect. Water enters a surface landscape drainage system through catch basins, which have a sump area that collects debris to prevent clogging of the piping.


A french drain, when installed properly will collect water from your home’s yard and expel it further away. French drains can be used at wet points in your yard to collect water and direct it away from your homes foundation. Inside, these systems direct the water to your sump pump. Outside, they will direct it completely away from your property. French drains are buried and depend on gravity to help them direct water away from your home. To avoid clogging, it is necessary to install these drains with a downward slope of at least Ľ inch per foot. Our experts at Ski's Landscaping have been perfectly installing french drains and are happy to help! Contact Canonsburg-PA's Best Landscaping Company Today!

Commonly Used Landscape Drainage Systems in the Canonsburg Pennsylvania Area

  • Catch basins and the drainage grates that go on top of them are available in a variety of sizes and styles depending upon the application.
  • Round drainage grates are used in turf areas.
  • Square drainage grates are used for hardscaped areas, walkways, driveways, parking lots, around swimming pools, etc.
  • Atrium drainage grates have a raised “domelike” design to prevent debris from building on top of the grate openings. These are used in window wells, planter areas, and other applications where bark mulch, stone, or landscape debris would tend to cover drain openings.


The size of the catch basin should be sized to the anticipated volume of water to be collected. In addition, the pipe carrying the water from the catch basin should be properly sized to carry water from all catch basins to which it is connected. Always size a little larger than necessary for safety. The additional material cost is minimal, and mistakes can be costly. If the drain will be exposed to weight or traffic from above, you may need to consider a concrete catch basin and/or a metal drainage grate. The drainage line connecting the catch basins should be of a solid (non-perforated) design. Both solid PVC and corrugated plastic piping are acceptable.


Another form of the surface drainage system is the channel drain. Channel drains are frequently used in paved areas to collect water. They are essentially an extended through or catch basin covered by a long grate. Typical channel drains can be 10’ long and 4″ wide. Channel drains are also connected together with solid piping.

Canonsburg Sub-Surface Landscape Drainage

The most frequently used form of sub-surface drainage is the Canonsburg French Drain or underground collection drain. This drain collects underground water from saturated soils and carries it to the desired destination. Sub-surface drains help carry water away from low spots and can protect drainage sensitive plant material.

Downspout Landscape Drainage Canonsburg

Drain lines can be used to carry roof water from downspouts away from buildings and planting beds. Downspout drain lines can be especially helpful if the natural grade around a building does not cause water to move away from the foundation. Downspouts can be connected to solid PVC or corrugated plastic drainpipes to carry roof water away from the building.

Gutter Drainage Canonsburg-PA

A proper drainage system really begins with your gutters. The gutters direct all the rainwater that falls on your home away from your foundation. Make sure that your gutters are in good condition, that they are not clogged, and that they flow away from your property at their downspout points. We can offer downspout extensions to make sure that the water they collect from your home drains far away into your yard.

French Drain INSTALLATION Canonsburg

French Drains collect sub-surface water from poorly drained areas and carry it to the main drainage line, dry well, ravine, or the street. French drains can intercept water that is draining from adjacent properties and carry it away before it enters your landscape.


It is constructed using simple materials: pea gravel or crushed rock, woven landscape fabric, and a perforated drainage pipe (usually the corrugated variety).


To create a French Drain, dig a trench that will carry water away from the area to be drained. Ideal places to put French Drains are the bases of slopes, along retaining walls, or any other area where water tends to collect. Make certain that your trench is well sloped so that water is encouraged to move through the drain to the desired destination.


Line the trench with landscape fabric. Install a 4″ or 6″ perforated drain line at the bottom of the trench and backfill with gravel. The landscape fabric should be wrapped all of the ways around the gravel to prevent the mixing of the surrounding soil into the gravel. This will keep the porous spaces in the gravel open for the water to flow through. Ski's landscaping takes pride in being an expert Canonsburg landscaping company, from Retaining Wall Installation Canonsburg, to Canonsburg Landscaping Design, we got you covered!

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Canonsburg-PA Yard Drainage

If you experience water pooling in your yard, or you have a flooded basement, the first thing that we will want to check is if your drainage and grading is completed properly. Many homes in the Canonsburg, McMurray, Venetia, and Bethel Park, and areas have insufficient drainage set up. Downspouts with poor drainage allow water to run towards the foundation, with water running towards the foundation it can cause serious interior problems with your home. Ski's Landscaping can help you with yard drainage and yard grading at a reasonable price. It will also help water to be routed away from your foundation (and your basement or crawlspace) during heavy rains.

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