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Hardscape Contractors Canonsburg-PA

Our team has the knowledge and expertise required to design beautiful brick, slate, stone and block patios, walkways and retaining walls. Western Pennsylvania's geographic location often provides hilly terrain. Our team of Canonsburg-PA hardscapers can build stairways, steps, walkways and walls to help our clients navigate the rolling landscapes.


Hardscapes provide important finishing details to your landscape project. A walkway can delineate and complete your flowerbeds or lawn; a patio offers a place for relaxing or grilling out and enjoying a beautiful evening. Retaining walls can reclaim more usable property and help with drainage issues. Ski's Landscaping is very skilled and has many years of experience to build that perfect outside space; We will help you determine where and how to plan for hardscapes. Some examples include:

  • Inter-locking Pavers,
  • Bluestone
  • Natural stone Walkways
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Firepits
  • Driveways
  • Curbing,
  • Retaining Walls (stone or timber)
  • Interlocking concrete block walls terraced & multi-level.
  • Pond and pondless water features.
  • Raised planter beds.

Create An Outdoor Oasis With Ski's Landscaping Custom Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the industry term for landscape elements that are built with stones, concrete, or pavers. These materials are incredibly versatile. Ski's Landscaping can use them for everything from solving Canonsburg drainage problems to creating awesome outdoor livingspaces. We pride ourselves on creating the best Canonsburg hardscaped areas for you to enjoy. If you're looking to update your outdoor area with charming walkways, functional outdoor kitchen areas, or beautiful backdrops, our Canonsburg landscapers can assist. We can transform your outdoor space into an oasis to relax or entertain guests on a lovely day. 

Canonsburg-PA Hardscapes and Retaining Walls

When it comes to your Canonsburg home’s landscaping, both the “hardscaping” (the non-plant additions to your yard, normally constructed of brick, stones or rocks) and “softscaping” (living parts of your yard, such as grass, shrubs, trees and flowers) are important features in your overall design. Also, you may already have a idea of what’s involved in “softscaping,” and the types of Canonsburg-PA softscaping services offered by Ski's Landscaping. But that is only part of what we do. Ski's Landscaping has professionally-trained craftsmen on staff who specialize in “Canonsburg hardscape” construction using stonework and masonry. Hardscaping is something that definitely should be addressed. The plants you select and where you place them is only part of the landscaping equation. The hardscaping, while sometimes an afterthought for homeowners, is equally important. Your hardscaping provides an additional way to add variety and focus to your exterior design. It adds structure to your gardens and plant life in your backyard. Best of all, with professional assistance, Canonsburg hardscaping can be installed efficiently, quickly and with minimal disruption to your property or lifestyle.

Canonsburg-PA Landscapers - Canonsburg-PA French Drain Installation

Canonsburg-PA Retaining Wall & Patio Contractors

We utilize many materials when building walls, walkways and patios that include brick, stone, pressure treated wood and railroad ties.  Our installations greatly enhance the appearance of properties and help with erosion and water drainage.

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