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Our crews have extensive experience in construction of segmented, wood, and boulder retaining walls to provide your home with not only a functional solution for necessary retention, but also a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of the overall design. Canonsburg Retaining walls and boulder walls are a great way to add value, function, and elegance to the outside of your home.


Ski's Landscaping pride ourselves on professional installation that requires strict guidelines from the interlocking concrete paving institution and all of our installation crews have gone through rigorous training to become certified installers. Retaining walls and boulder walls are only as good as the crews who install them, so don’t make the mistake of using companies offering low prices but inferior installation. A retaining wall must have the proper engineered specifications to ensure that the application of the wall will last forever.


When making a decision on your new Canonsburg retaining wall or boulder wall, there are many shapes, colors, and sizes to consider. Retaining walls can be made from a variety of different products ranging from concrete block, boulders, timbers, and ledgestone just to name a few. Our highly trained Canonsburg Landscaping expert  staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the retaining wall industry and we will help guide you through the entire process of material selection, design, and installation. Whether you are looking for a simple garden wall, seat wall, or grade stabilization, our trained professions will walk you through the process from start to finish.


Canonsburg Boulder walls are both functional and decorative. They retain soil and plants when your landscape features a change in elevation. For Canonsburg homeowners who would like to add a raised patio or a walk-out patio below the natural grade, the installation of boulder retaining walls is essential. Boulders bring a variety of advantages to your location.


A natural look for any yard type. When you want a retaining wall that flows organically with your chosen landscape features, boulders are ideal. They look appropriate in any setting and heighten the sense of the venue’s beauty.


Support a home’s architectural beauty. Boulder retaining walls look great in gardens that follow a colonial, Victorian, country, or English style pattern. They draw attention to accent features, which brings out these style elements.


Right for any budget. Ski's Landscaping & Lawncare can customize the Canonsburg retaining wall construction’s scope with your budget in mind. Because of the natural look that boulders bring to the design, there’s no need for consistent heights and widths across the whole landscape. In fact, alternating different displays across a more extensive yard adds visual interest to the mix.


Many of our valued customers utilize boulder retaining walls as a springboard for the addition of new features. Case in point is the addition of a waterfall near a patio. Our technicians handle the trenching, excavating, rock removal, and soil stabilization you need for the types of retaining walls you want to see in your Canonsburg landscape. From there, we encourage you to dream big and add features that will make the boulder wall uniquely yours.

Block Retaining Wallls Canonsburg

For Canonsburg homeowners who wants to add changes in elevation to a landscape or a terrace, retaining walls are the way to go. When you like plenty of curves in the yard, block retaining walls are your best bet.


Great for walls with moderate heights. We recommend choosing blocks for walls that might double as seating areas. The perfect height is between three and four feet.


Bring out the flow of landscape features. For raised flowerbeds, block walls are ideally suited when you want to draw the eye. Canonsburg Homeowners who incorporate one or more fire pits also favor this setup. It’s sufficiently low to the ground to allow a good view of the feature. At the same time, it’s tall enough to protect against the spread of fire.


Standard blocks. We use rebar to reinforce walls constructed with standard blocks. From there, we suggest stone veneers that dress up the blocks to fit right in with your home’s architectural look.


Split-face blocks. When you like a more natural appearance without the need for stone veneers, we recommend split-face blocks. There is a broad range of looks that you might choose. They include many color and shape differences. Some are manufactured to look like adobe bricks, which are ideally suited for a Spanish look in a landscape.


Just like related products, block retaining walls can support additional features that beautify a yard. A good example is the installation of fencing. Rail fences, wrought iron, and similar products create points of visual interest. Some clients ask for the incorporation of lighting features that act as above-ground walkway illumination.


Custom stonework can include a flagstone path, stone columns, natural ledgestone steps, a limestone outcropping retaining wall, a stone surround for your outdoor grill, a fire pit, a stone sitting wall around your patio, or an outdoor fireplace. We start with a simple design consultation to help you envision the new items in your Canonsburg yard. On paper, we can move things around, try out different materials, and capture the essence of what you want your outdoor oasis to feel like. We help you decide on a budget that gets you everything you need, and plenty of what you want. From there, we handle the side preparation, installation, and subsequent cleanup.


Are you tired of the cement walkway that greets you whenever you walk up to your home? Is the patio looking tired? Do you want to build some elevations into an otherwise lifeless yard? With Canonsburg residential custom stonework, we can take your property from drab to looking fabulous in a short time.


When building a block Canonsburg retaining wall to retain an area of land, the first step is to excavate the subsoil and install base materials. The depth of the base material will vary depending on the size of the block and the height of the wall. We prefer to use 21AA limestone for the gravel base and slag sand for the final leveling agent.


Once the base is prepped, it's time to start stacking block. Each course of a block should be back set to provide extra strength against the land it is retaining. Depending on the height of the wall, layers of geogrid can be installed to strengthen it.


Once the wall is built, we install clean limestone behind the wall (about one foot in depth for every two feet in height) to allow any water build up to drain behind the wall.


First, a thick woven fabric is placed between the subsoil behind the wall and the clean limestone to keep any soil particles from washing into the clean limestone. If there is a large surface area of land pitching toward the retaining wall, we recommend installing a sock drain or Canonsburg French drain system to help carry the water away from behind the wall.


When installing boulder walls, we slightly excavate the soil and place the first course of boulders directly on the ground. Each course of boulders is set back to apply pressure on the land they are retaining. We install heavy woven fabric directly behind the boulders to control any erosion. If needed, a layer of clean limestone may be applied to the wall as well.


To build a ledge rock or timber retaining wall, we excavate the subsoil to the proper depth, and then install clean limestone for the base. Once the walls are built, we do the same procedure described above, adding clean limestone and fabric behind the walls.

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